Ball RedBook Greenhouses Chris Beytes

Ball RedBook Greenhouses Chris BeytesFor a beginnning student in horticulture this book is great for anyone interested in greenhouses and how they work. This gives loads of information on logistics of placement of the greenhouse, glazing material, form, heating/cooling and information that is really invaluable to the greenhouse manager. It is concise and well written, [...]

Jiffy 5089 Starter Greenhouse 36 Plant

Jiffy 5089 Starter Greenhouse 36 PlantI used this product to start my tomatoes this year. It’s great for starting tomatoes as opposed to the 72 cell seed starters because tomatoes germinate so fast, grow so fast, and their root systems expand so fast, with the small peat pellets you’d have to transplant into larger pots [...]

Quality Portable Green House Shelves

Quality Portable Green House ShelvesQuality Portable Green House ShelvesGood, sturdy product with years of use in it. Heavy duty zippers for the door operate easily and don’t catch and the ty-backs are well sewn in place. Shelving is wide and useful and well painted. I used several zip ties to secure the shelving in place. The exterior appears to [...]

Argument Greenhouse International Controlling Environment ebook

Argument Greenhouse International Controlling Environment ebookArgument Greenhouse International Controlling Environment ebookWhen I received the parcel, it is really a surprise. I don’t expect the book is so new. I love it .

Greenhouse Germination Propagation Fluorescent SunBlaster

Greenhouse Germination Propagation Fluorescent SunBlasterGreenhouse Germination Propagation Fluorescent SunBlasterMy seeds are growing well with the mini greenhouse. Glad I purchased it. Would recommend to anyone who wants to grow from seed.

Mini Greenhouse Book David Jeters ebook

Mini Greenhouse Book David Jeters ebookMini Greenhouse Book David Jeters ebookJust what I was looking for, how to make my own greenhouse in cold Maryland Winters!! I so appreciate this book and these guys..what an excellent resource for creating a greenhouse

The Greenhouse Audur Ava Olafsdottir ebook

The Greenhouse Audur Ava Olafsdottir ebookThe Greenhouse Audur Ava Olafsdottir ebookThis book is the tale of an immature young Icelandic man who goes on a journey of more than a thousand miles to southern Europe to restore the rose garden of an ancient monastery. It is a glowing book, the story of a pilgrimage, the story of how this innocently [...]

In Your Greenhouse Beginners Guide

In Your Greenhouse Beginners GuideIn Your Greenhouse Beginners GuideThis little book was all I needed to start out and finish my year round greenhouse gardening plan. From its year round gardening callender to its helpfull tips the author shows tremendous knowledge in the area of greenhouse gardening, in a very practical way. For anyone who would like to start, [...]

The Greenhouse Effect Tony Manera

The Greenhouse Effect Tony ManeraThe Greenhouse Effect Tony ManeraMr. Manera is a good writer! This small book made me want to read more of his work. I’m here to try out a few more of them. Cost nothing, compared to the really enjoyable “Time Out” that it gave me. It’s short, Funny at times, and when your intending to [...]

Green Eats Divided Plates Orange

Green Eats Divided Plates OrangeGreen Eats Divided Plates OrangeDurable and pretty. I have recently become concerned about feeding my kids on the cheap Ikea plastic ware we have used in the past. It really bothered me and when I saw these dishes available at Target, I decided to start purchasing a couple of pieces each time I was there. [...]

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