Everything You Need To Know About Solar Greenhouses


What Are Solar Greenhouses?

The very definition of the greenhouse is to accumulate solar energy from whenever the sun shine is higher. But however, the solar greenhouses serve a particular purpose. This is able to do much more than just collect solar energy.

One good thing about these solar greenhouses is the fact that there are many choices to select from and hence suit the requirements of the owner.

They can also be freestanding . This is ideal for all the big production greenhouses. These freestanding ones are very ideal for any commercial production and these are used for production of ornamentals or even vegetables. These have two very primary designs, first of all the shed type and second the Quonset type.

This shed-type contains a very long axis which runs from east to west. This generally has the south-facing wall fully glazed to gather the maximum amount of energy from sun.

This Quonset type might sometimes even look like a buried and underground pit. These are very low-cost greenhouses. This has a very Quonset-shaped frame and hence looks more like a tunnel or so. This has one layer or even two of thin plastic film.

They are also just merely fixed to all the greenhouses, and hence is very ideal for any backyard use. These attached solar greenhouses are buildings which form some kind of a room that protrudes from the house. This serves as good area for transplants or even herbs.

Active or Passive

These solar greenhouses are classified into two. They can be either the passive solar greenhouse or even the active ones. Both these two makes generally use of several resources, but even then serve the same purpose.

Passive Solar Greenhouse

In some other places, like wherein the colder seasons generally endure longer, there is a need to use the passive solar greenhouse types, by using the gas or the electric heating systems. This seems to be the only possible way to avoid the plants from too much cold.

These are ideal for the growers as they still give a way for so much productivity irrespective of the conditions. Use of these heating systems for the greenhouses are meant to be very cost-effective and is best used only if the high-value crops are to be produced.

Active Solar Greenhouses

These active solar greenhouse generally tend to use the supplemental energy. They generally the transfer solar heated air from storage area to other parts in the structure.

Designing the Solar Greenhouse

The Solar greenhouses, unlike ordinary ones, generally possess oriented glazing in order to obtain maximum solar heat, even during the winter time. The materials are built to minimize as much as to reduce ant loss of heat. It generally uses the heat storing materials. Also has good insulation which is especially useful at times when there isn’t sunlight. These solar greenhouses are also dependent on natural the ventilation for cooling purposes during summer time.

Solar Heat Storage

This is the one of the main features of the design in the solar greenhouse. In order to remain hot even during the cool nights, sufficient amount of the solar heat must be trapped and stored. The common method followed to do this is by putting rocks or even concrete directly for receiving all the sunlight and also to absorb all the heat.

Some rely on all structures which resemble the greenhouse in order to accommodate all the plants. But however, to be effective and also cost-effective one must aim for optimum settings in the solar greenhouse.
Everything You Need To Know About Solar Greenhouses
Everything You Need To Know About Solar Greenhouses
Everything You Need To Know About Solar Greenhouses

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