How to Build Your Own Greenhouse – Selecting the Right Greenhouse For You


Are you trying to figure out how to build your own greenhouse but confused as to what direction you should go and which type of greenhouse will fit best with your budget and still serve its purpose efficiently? You’re probably quickly realizing that when it comes to greenhouses, your choices are only limited by your own creativity. You could go with a mini greenhouse or a lean to. Then again, maybe a hoop or solar greenhouse would be better. You might be looking to build a small backyard greenhouse or a larger commercial greenhouse. Keep reading for some important considerations you’ll want to keep in mind as you decide on the perfect greenhouse for you.

For most people, the most important considerations will involve your budget, efficiency, and functionality. Before you begin on your home made greenhouse, have your budget at the back of your mind as this will impact and eliminate some of the choices you have available to you. You can quickly check off any type of greenhouses that will be too expensive to construct.

Next, consider functionality and efficiency. What characteristics does your greenhouse need to have in order to provide a good growing environment for the flowers, herbs, and vegetables you’ll be planting? How big will it need to be? Going with a greenhouse that maintains efficient heating and ventilation systems will save you costs over time with fewer hassles even if it costs a bit more up front to put these systems into place.

If you want to figure out how to build your own greenhouse, also consider the following questions that will influence your decision making:

1.) How much space do you have available and will your greenhouse design maximize that space?
2.) Is the greenhouse you’ve chosen to build suitable for the weather in your area? Will it hold up to rain, snow, hail, heat, and strong winds?
3.) Will the climate in your area impact your choice of framing and glazing materials?
4.) Does the space you have available get ample sunlight during all seasons and do you plan on using a glazing material with good insulating and light transmission properties?
5.) Are the materials you will need readily available and durable to minimize building and/or repair costs?

Try to focus on functionality and affordability rather than on looks and fancy accessories. The purpose of your greenhouse is to provide a year-long growing environment for all of your gardening aspirations. The right greenhouse for you will be the one that gives you the best overall value for the cost. Most importantly, have fun as you go about building your own greenhouse.
How to Build Your Own Greenhouse - Selecting the Right Greenhouse For You

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